Feng Shui by Petra


Feng Shui consultation involves a visit to the property and a thorough assessment of your home using traditional Feng Shui techniques.

What you need to provide: 

-A floor plan of the property (drawn to the scale)

-The year when the property was built

-Dates, times, and locations of birth of every resident/family member

-50% deposit to secure the appointment

What will you get from the assessment:

-Pre-assessment consultations

-Post-assessment consultations

-A detailed report with instructions on how to correct and enhance the energies in your home to improve all areas of your life

-The best sleeping, studying and working directions for all residents/family members




Energize 2023

Energize 2023 is a tailored report on how to align, improve and positively charge your home for 2023 based on this year's energies.

This annual energy report is suitable for short-term goals and aspirations.

This report requires you to provide a professional floor plan for your home. The process includes in-person or online consultations and written guidance.

Book Energize Your 2023 Here:







Apart from Advanced Feng Shui methods, I am qualified to perform Geomancy, Space Clearing and Healthy Home Consults. Once I assess your home I will utilize these methods accordingly to your needs.

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy deals with subtle earth energies and their relationship with living a balanced and healthy life. The health-damaging effects of prolonged exposure to harmful types of earth radiation and geopathic stress is a common cause of disease.

What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing is the process of cleansing and clearing stagnant energies in the home.

What is a Healthy Home assessment?

Healthy Home assessment includes detecting issues and providing long-term solutions to tackle home material's impact on indoor air quality, the presence and effects of EMFs, mould issues, detecting and eliminanting the toxicants in the home, and more.